On the occasion of the end of the year the usual shopping was done begin December. On 18 December supplies including a New Year present were distributed among the sick, disabled and elderly of Khayai and neighborhood.

On 29 December a visit was brought at the home of a leukemia patient, after her two-week stay in the hospital. Supplies were given as well as a small donation.

Lizzy Michael and her group "Wir Helfen Uns" and Mr. Paul Turcksin of Saraburi contributed again a significant donation this month. We thank both very much.

At the end of the year it fits to make a balance of the past year. Three people of our sick & disabled list unfortunately passed away this year. We - and we mean all the people who made this possible - are glad that we could provide some help in the last months of their life.

All the people who have contributed to Tears of Indra in 2011 (which remaining funds were used for Under Garuda’s Wings) and those who sponsored Under Garuda’s Wings in 2012 can truly say they alleviated a lot of people’s lives in providing them medical support, contributions and monthly supplies.

The balance for the month of December you find here under. We like transparency of the aid activities provided, which is important as we enjoyed your trust. UGW will send a detailed final balance to all its financial donors of 2012 next month.

As our balance is still positive, we keep up our activities at the same scale.

We thank you all for your love and care; and wish you and your families a happy end of the year period. 

Supplies bought: 








Big C

Bill - Yes

Bill - Yes

Bill - Yes

Bill - Yes



   7,130 Baht

   7,000 Baht

   5,685 Baht

 10,185 Baht

30,000 Baht

Administrative & logistic costs: 


Total for the activities this month: 30,000 Baht

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