Bang Ban area in Ayutthaya was flooded again this year as usual. This area has been designated as a monkey cheek, usurping the waters of the Chao Phraya to prevent flooding in Bangkok. 

Many families still continue to live in that area. Serious erosion of the river banks in Bang Ban district, especially at Sai Noi, Bang Chani and Ban Kum, was reported and where homes were damaged by the flood waters. 

Pia went out on 12 October to visit about 10 families threatened by the brown liquid from the north and donated supplies; mainly rice, drinking water, vegetables, eggs and milk.

In a trial to push the elderly into some physical activity, she started to take them out for a walk at the King Naresuan Park near Phukhao Thong, three times a week.

The last days of the month were used for shopping and the initial preparation for the Loi Krathong festival of November.

There is no balance for this month as we used our own funds to buy supplies, which were supplemented by leftovers from the month prior.

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