The last month of the year passed by with very cool weather in Bang Pahan, making the mornings and evenings uneasy for the elderly. Last year we lost three people on our list, the year 2013 was worse with five people passing away during the period.

We started the month with our traditional double “Makro run” to buy rice and water. Thereafter a visit was made to the local market for vegetables and fruit, and the Chinese medicinal shop. We bought basic stuff as sugar, cooking oil, milk, washing powder, ... and more specific adult diapers, blankets and towels. With the last leftovers from the months prior, we complimented the help packages.

On 11 and 12 December, 38 packages were distributed to the elderly, disabled and sick from our list as well as a number of other people.

We distributed just before Christmas, the traditional cake to all for the year-end, wishing them good luck and above all good health in 2014.

The month December was the last month of our activities under the header “Under Garuda’s Wings”. The latter was set up after the great flood in Thailand of 2011, a mass flood which occurs from olden sources about every fifty years. After “Tears of Indra”, a humanitarian aid-activity in which the people of Khayai sub-district and vicinity were helped out in food, drinking water and medicines during the flood and with “re-start kits” thereafter, we were left with an amount of donations. In order to give these donations a useful purpose, we established “Under Garuda’s Wings” in order to continue our help to the elderly, disabled and sick in Khayai sub-district and vicinity for a number of months after the flood. The “UGW”-funds dried out end of December 2013. As said and written earlier, the activity “Under Garuda’s Wings” cease to exist, but this does NOT mean we are halting our help to the less-blessed in our locality.

The UGW website was set up with the only function to inform our donors what exactly happened to their donations. We hope we reached this objective. A mail will be send out to all donors of 2013 with in attachment an excel workbook with all the contributions to UGW from donor’s side and all the costs incurred from our side during last year’s activities. We thank you for your trust.

The UGW bank account will not be closed. If somebody still wants to make a donation over the year(s), it remains possible. The donor (if known) will be informed personally of what happened with its donation.

We thank you all for your support and care; and wish you and your families a good new year, with great health and without worries.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 
(John Holmes)

Supplies bought: 






Tesco Lotus


Cash donation

Bill - Yes

Bill - Yes

Bill - Yes

Bill - No



10,200 Baht

      144 Baht

       185 Baht

        800 Baht

11,329 Baht

Administrative & logistic costs: None

Total for the activities this month: 11,329 Baht

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